Haines Research Services
SINCE 1992, the genealogical firm of Haines Research Services has served clients from around the world. We meet a wide range of needs: solving difficult "brick wall" research problems, retrieving hard-to-locate documents, developing quality family histories for special events or publication; preparing lineage society applications, editing genealogical works; speaking at functions and workshops, and many more. We strive to meet the highest standards of quality for work in the genealogical field. If you feel that we may be able to help you, please feel free to contact us.


WHILE we have worked on projects from throughout the eastern United States, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom, our particular emphasis is on the families of North Carolina, South Carolina, and the British West Indies. Solving difficult research problems requires a detailed knowledge of the history, law, customs, and records of the subject area. A number of documents are now available either on-line or through microfilm lending programs; however problems can arise if they are not interpreted correctly or supplemented with additional evidence from records available only in their original form in local archives and courthouses. Our firm is located within a short distance of the major repositories in the Carolinas and Virginia, and we have an extensive private library (particularly of Caribbean materials). We have invested a great deal of time in acquiring the background knowledge and skills necessary to solve your genealogical problems in the Carolinas and British West Indies.