Haines Research Services


HAINES RESEARCH SERVICES will undertake research projects of any size, from simple document retrieval to full-family reconstruction and difficult "brick wall" problems. We specialize in families and people from North Carolina, South Carolina, and the British West Indies, though we do carry our projects on to other places. We often need to explore records people created after they left our area, and we frequently follow families back in time to the places they migrated from.

For most projects, we will analyze the materials you already have and develop a research plan. In our investigations, we search out any record likely to contain useful information, not just the ones on-line. While we subscribe to a number of databases and record collections, we frequently visit archives, courthouses, and libraries to view original documents. Our reports will include a detailed summary of all sources examined and an analysis of our findings. If the time limit did not allow us to access everything, the report will also include suggestions for further research.

Most clients commission projects in blocks of authorized time. While we usually recommend an amount for each project, we happily adjust this to suit each client's budget. Please send us an e-mail or use the contact form on this site for a schedule of fees and additional information. We accept payment by check or by credit card through PayPal.

Writing and Editing

WE CAN undertake almost any kind of writing project, including biographical sketches, house histories, and full family genealogies. We also edit fully or partially completed projects to produce a superior product. We work in a full range or print and electronic formats and can produce projects for family occasions, like anniversaries and reunions, or for regular publication. Please send us a description of your needs so that we may supply you with our fees and particulars.


WE PROVIDE speaking services for a variety of occasions, from entertaining luncheon talks to full-day workshops. For a current list of topics and fees, please send us an e-mail or use the contact form. We can develop new talks upon request.